one-room apartment housekeeping nyc is the most popular service
One-Room/Studio Type

Cleaning a one-bedroom New York apartment is the most popular service...

Housekeeping services in nyc

We provide top quality services using eco-friendly cleaning products

  • one-room apartment housekeeping nyc

    One-Room/Studio Type

    Most Popular Service: One-room / Studio type

    In our 11 years of experience, we’ve noticed that cleaning a one-bedroom New York apartment of 600-1000 square feet could be efficiently cleaned in about two...

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  • three-room apartments housekeeping nyc

    Two to Three-Room Apartments

    Two to Three-Room Apartments: Special rates

    Two to three-bedroom apartments typically have a surface area of more than 1000 square feet, which can be cleaned in about five hours or so...

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  • Housekeeping nyc

    Specific Areas

    Specific Areas: Call for a free estimate

    We have special packages and rates if you want only specific areas and rooms of your home or office to be cleaned by our team. So far, the most common places...

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Liliana Cleaning Services Inc

  • About Liliana's Cleaning Services

    Since 1999, Liliana Cleaning Services has been providing all-natural cleaning services to the different boroughs of New York and Northern New Jersey. Let us tell you why many clients trust us to perform house cleaning services.

  • The Natural Way to a Clean Home

    Commercial cleaning products contain many chemicals that emit toxic fumes which can harm you and your family’s health. With this knowledge, Liliana Cleaning Services started to utilize health-friendly cleaning ingredients in the performance of house-cleaning duties. We make use of aromatherapy products to perform its cleaning services. These all natural products are made from pure essential oils and non-toxic ingredients.

  • Caring for the Environment

    Aside from the harmful chemicals in commercial cleaning products, research studies also concluded how these chemicals can be detrimental to our environment. Because of this, Liliana Cleaning Services started the “Go Green” campaign by means of utilizing cleaning products that are all-natural and eco-friendly.

  • The Aroma and Comfort

    How about smelling a caressing aroma that’s sure to bring comfort and ease to you and your family? Liliana Cleaning Services doesn’t only strive to give you a clean living environment; we also want you to experience the wonders of aromatherapy using our natural cleaning products.

  • Excellent Cleaning Services

    Each member of our team of cleaners is well-equipped with all the skills needed to perform the cleaning duties for you. We make sure that we only send well-trained and hardworking cleaners to your home because your satisfaction truly matters to us. And not only that, we assure you that our cleaners are honest and efficient. Click here to view our services and more.

  • Affordable Rates

    Here at Liliana Cleaning Services, we ensure you that your money is well-spent. We came up with incredibly affordable rates that are frankly incomparable to other cleaning service providers, given the high quality of services we offer. Click here to learn about our cleaning rates.

  • Extra Services Free of Charge

    Cleaning the rooms thoroughly isn’t enough to say that we provide high-quality services to our customers. To prove our devotion in helping you live in a very comfortable home, we change sheets, make beds and even take out the trash free of charge.

  • Friendly Customer Support

    For any questions and concerns, our 24/7 customer support are ready to help you. Give us a call or send us an email for your inquiries, and we’d gladly accommodate you. Click here to view our contact details.

Call Liliana Cleaning Customer Service Hotline at 516-270-0061

What make Us different?

  • Green
  • Passion
  • Owner
  • Green cleaning services in nyc

    In our commitment to provide only the best services, we join the “Go Green” global environmental campaign through the use of non-toxic natural products instead of non-biodegradable cleaning products that are harmful to our environment both during usage and disposal.

  • We use eco-friendly products

    Our cleaning specialists are all professionally trained, and ready to take care of your cleaning needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our cleaning team is able to provide top quality services using all natural eco-friendly cleaning products, each with a touch of aromatherapy on it.

  • Affordable rates housekeeping nyc
    Affordable Rates

    Our service rates are affordable, and you can even tell us all about your personal cleaning preferences, as well as your thoughts on adjusting the service rates according to the type and number of your rooms.

  • our clients - cleaning services in new york and new jersey

    When we ask clients why they keep on returning to us for more housekeeping services, they don’t fail to mention our devotion and passion in cleaning homes. Well, it’s true; all members of our housekeeping team really love to clean!

  • housekeeping in nyc and nj
    Proudly serving NY and NJ

    Liliana Cleaning Services currently provides services to all boroughs of New York and some locations at New Jersey. We are happy to offer cleaning services to our new clients who are referred by our previous (and returning!) customers.

  • Strong Service Oriented Business

    From their chosen cleaning service packages to their personal cleaning preferences, we make sure that we take note of everything that is involved in our cleaning duties. Today, our company has been able to put up a strong service-oriented business.

  • Liliana Rojas, owner of Liliana Cleaning Services Inc
    Liliana Rojas

    I am Liliana, the owner of Liliana Cleaning Services. When someone asks me why I chose cleaning services as a business, I always tell them about my little discovery when I was working at a hardwood flooring company in 1981.

  • Liliana Cleaning Services Inc, New Work
    Communication is essential

    During that time, I was a manager who communicated very well with our clients, so I couldn’t help but notice how people love to live in the cleanest room possible after their floors were installed and the furniture all set up.

  • Housekeeping in Woodside, New York
    A fanatic cleaner

    I thought that it was coincidental with my personality as a “fanatic cleaner”, so I’ve decided to come up with my own cleaning services business. We thank you for visiting our website and we invite you to contact us.